Pre accreditation

Pre-credit transfer can only be considered for students at the University of Cologne who have studied or are studying abroad.

Pre-applications help you find out whether the courses you plan to take abroad are eligible for individual credit transfer in Cologne. Individual credit transfer is possible if there is a module in your programme at the University of Cologne that is equivalent to the module you plan to take abroad.

Pre-credit transfer can save you a lot of time when returning from your studies abroad. They inform you which transcripts or certificates you may need to obtain during your exchange.


Procedure for pre accrediation

1. Create and submit pre-application online

If you are planning to study abroad at some point in the future you can create a pre-application for individual courses abroad on this page. Pre-applications are not possible for courses which are part of the categories 'Studies Abroad' or 'Studium Integrale'.

Please log in here to start your pre-application. To make sure your application can be considered, please check the criteria in our FAQs.

2. Sign and hand in pre-application

You will receive an email confirmation once you have submitted the pre-application online. Please print the PDF document that is attached to the email and send us back a signed copy via email or post, or by posting it in our letter box next to Room 1.11 in the WiSo building. It is not necessary to hand in the application in person.

3. Hand in supporting evidence if necessary

We will contact you if we require any further supporting evidence. Please provide this evidence within two weeks, either by sending it via email or post, or by posting it in our letter box next to Room 1.11 in the WiSo building. It is not necessary to hand in the requested evidence in person.

Handing in all the necessary evidence with your application significantly reduces the time we will need to process it. Please check our FAQs for information on what supporting evidence we need from you and how / where to obtain it.

4. Wait for feedback

Once we have received all the supporting evidence, we will inform you of our decision as soon as possible. In order for you to understand our decision we have published our criteria on this website.

5. Collect supporting evidence if applicable

If you were requested to provide supporting evidence (e.g. books or transcripts), you must collect your documents from our office. Photocopies will not be returned. Please collect your documents during our office hours within three months of our recommendation.

6. After passing the exam

At this point you will know whether the exams you have taken abroad are eligible for credit transfer to your study programme at the University of Cologne. A formal decision by the Examinations Office on whether credit transfer is possible can only be made once you have returned from your exchange.

Please make a final request for credit transfer after you have received a transcript of records from the university abroad. Please carefully read these guidelines.

As a student at one of the WiSo Faculty's partner universities, the International Relations Center will provide you with a certified copy of your transcript of records for the application. As a 'freemover' please present your original transcript of records at the International Relations Center and we will provide a certified copy.

Finally, please hand in your signed application including the certified transcript of records.

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